Brand Spotlight: Lovefresh Baby

Brand Spotlight: Lovefresh Baby

2017 Aug 1st

As a Toronto-based company that focuses on all-natural products formulated to keep your skin beautiful, Lovefresh has quickly become one of Baskits' favourite brands. In addition to their incredible line of beauty products, Lovefresh has introduced a new collection of products for Baby.

Every Lovefresh formula is is composed of the finest ingredients from local and global sources. With key ingredients like natural spring water, flower extract and lavender essential oils, their wash and lotions are both gentle on baby's skin and effective. Furthermore, each selection is vitamin-enriched, leaving baby's skin feeling soft and hydrated.

You can find Lovefresh Baby in many of the gifts in our baby collection. Some of which include:

Cuddles Bath Time

Cuddles 260x260bath-time