Brand Spotlight: Kate Spade

Brand Spotlight: Kate Spade

2017 Apr 18th

In the early 90's, Kate Brosnahan Spade, a former accessories editor at Mademoiselle, set out on her own to design the perfect handbag. With her unique approach to combining sleek, utilitarian shapes, and colorful palettes, Kate Spade New York was officially founded in 1993. After the opening of her first shop in New York City in 1996, Kate Spade flourished into a global lifestyle brand that would quickly become recognizable world wide. From hand bags and stationary to jewelry and shoes, Kate has remained true to her brand since the beginning and has evolved to be well loved in the world of modern, women's fashion.

Baskits is proud to support Kate Spade in this week's brand spotlight. We hope that she can inspire all to truly live colorfully. You can find Kate Spade's eye catching and sleek designs in some of our favorite Baskits.

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