Brand Spotlight: Dolfin

Brand Spotlight: Dolfin

2017 Feb 9th

At the heart of it, Dolfin’s philosophy is mixing natural, high quality ingredients directly into the chocolate mass. Their addition of fruits, spices, herbs, flowers, and other classics make for the perfect and subtle blends of traditional chocolates. Did you know that Dolfin’s chocolatiers seek the finest ingredients to create true gourmet inventions! All about innovation, Dolfin creates surprising blends to curate the most exquisite flavours. On top of that, Dolfin has become the first CO2 – neutral Belgian chocolate maker.

At the end of the day, Dolfin is committed to you. They value their customers’ satisfaction, just like the team here at Baskits! Do not miss out on the passion, innovation, and delicious quality of Dolfin chocolates!

Here are a couple Baskits that contain Dofin's incredible chocolates:

Au Chocolate Medium Just Tea and Me