Brand Spotlight: Amola

Brand Spotlight: Amola

2017 May 30th

Amola, headquartered on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC, was developed by the founder and president of Edible Canada, Eric Pateman. Featured in Martha Stewart, Shaw TV, and The Food Network, Amola has developed into a trendy brand committed to providing table top necessities for land and sea.

What might this necessity be? Infused salts, seasonings and specialty herbs and spices of course! Anything to add that unique touch to brighten up your meal! Did you know that salt is the key ingredient in almost every dish worldwide because of its ability to enhance flavor? Even more enticing, though Amola is Canadian based, they make sure to celebrate and enhance cuisines from around the globe. Always providing the best quality products by using as many locally grown, ethical, and organic ingredients as possible, Amola does not use any food colourings, flavour enhancers, or preservatives.

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