Baskits x Holts is back!

Baskits x Holts is back!

2022 Mar 2nd

Welcome to our Wednesday WOWs! This week we wanted to welcome you all to the month of March, AND share some exciting news. This is our official announcement of the return of a big collaboration: Baskits x Holts is back!

To those who are new here, our collab began back in December - with an array of beautiful holiday foodie gift boxes. Most recently, we had our debut of our Chinese New Year gift boxes, which were extravagant, and filled with the finest selection of gourmet sweets and golden coins. All tied together with a bold, red velvet bow - THE perfect bundle to share joy and prosperity!

And now, here we are yet again, with another two baskets - this time, we're focused on Elegant & luxurious baby gift baskets. When looking for gifts for those new parents in your life, look no further then Holts, for the most exquisite baby bundles. In 100% cotton, the onesies in this box allow for utmost comfort, while still raising for the bar for style. With everyone's favourite Baskits Bashful Bunny, as the perfect first toy, and a swaddle made with 100% lightweight cotton to ensure the gentlest touch for every bundle of joy. These and much more, make for the warmest gift to show you care.

When gifting babies, we know only the best will do, so choose Baskits x Holts baby gift boxes. Elegance and cozy in one perfect baby bundle at a Holts near you!