Baskits Unwrapped: Eastwood

Baskits Unwrapped: Eastwood

2019 Sep 27th

Looking for a show-stopper, over the top, blow them away kind of gift that radiates rich and decadent luxury?

Our Eastwood gift basket is an astonishing cornucopia filled with an abundance of indulgent, gourmet treats that are perfect for any occasion this fall.

Eastwood features some of our most favourite artisan treats like the melt-in-your-mouth Chai Latte Peanut Brittle from Sweetsmith, or the addition-worth mill chocolate buttercrunch from Toronto's own Fraktals.

Fun fact! Fraktals were a feature gift in the swag bags distributed to celebrities at the Oscars! A true testament to how incredibly delicious they are and why we love sharing them with our customers.

You can send this warm and rustic, wow-factor gift anywhere in North America by visiting our website,

Happy gifting!