Baskits Unwrapped: Canadian Cutie

Baskits Unwrapped: Canadian Cutie

2019 Aug 29th

Canadian Cutie is, by far, the most adorable Canadian-themed gift for new babies - designed to be treasured for years to come, this tantalizingly cute ensemble features the very best. 

Sitting on top of the cutest children’s Muskoka chair, which is hand-crafted using the finest Canadian lumber, is the softest giant “Bashful Bunny” from Jellycat. Jellycat is world-renowned for their award winning plush and impeccable safety standards. Perfect for all ages, Jellycat is Baskits plush of choice and can be found in many of our gifts for baby.

Also found in Canadian Cutie is the sweetest Canadian flag print swaddle from I Am Baby, an Ontario-based company that creates the cutest products geared toward parents who love their countries, customs, and cultures. 

Other great white North inspired gifts include a storybook, raccoon print onesie an 100% cotton cable knit sweater to keep baby nice and cozy.

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