Au Chocolat; A chocolate lover’s prefect gift.

Au Chocolat; A chocolate lover’s prefect gift.

2018 Dec 18th

The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without our favourite sweet treats!

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift basket for someone with a sweet tooth and a true love for chocolate, our Au Chocolat gift basket is the only solution. Filled with the best chocolate treats from both Canadian and global chocolatiers and treat makers, this selection is sure to wow.

Au Chocolat features both caramel and dark chocolate truffles from our exclusive 3rd generation Canadian chocolatiers, Dabble & Drizzle, Whittaker’s classic Almond Gold Chocolate, the most delicious Buttercrunch from Toronto’s own Fraktals and so much more!

What better way to send your best wishes for the holiday season than with a thoughtful gift filled with the sweetest, most decadent treats?

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