As Sweet as Sweetsmith

As Sweet as Sweetsmith

2020 Jun 10th

There are delicious treats, and then there are the next level, can’t have just one piece, addiction worthy sweets like the second to none brittles from Calgary’s own, Sweetsmith Candy Co.!

Sweetsmith was founded in 2012 by inspirational entrepreneur, Dannah Davies who started creating treats out of her home and selling her goodies at a farmer’s market on a weekly basis. Dannah has also adopted the importance of providing selections of her delicious sweets that are also allergen friendly. Sweetsmith provides fantastic options for our customers that observe diets that require vegan, gluten and dairy free selections.

Today we are in love with Sweetsmith’s collection of enticing and unique flavours and couldn’t be happier to be able to share these incredible treats with you through our gourmet gift baskets.

Among many others, you can find Sweetsmith in our Champlain L, Vegan, and Canadiana L gift baskets.