all in the details

all in the details

2021 Nov 16th

This week, our Tuesday Thoughts are all in the details. Because as any smart business knows, if you're not paying attention to the little things, you'll miss something key.

Here at Baskits, we know that it's those little things that make all the difference. From our velvet bows, to our decorated bases, and even our embroidery and luxury cases, we only make the best, so you can gift the best every time.

Take our Luxe Bathrobes, one of our most popular holiday gifts, and add in the embroidered detail of your loved one's name. The elevated charm of having a personal detail makes the art of gifting that much better. You can also embroider our Jellycat Bashful Bunny's ears, our baby blankets, and so much more only with Baskits!

But we believe there's no detail too little, worth skipping. Take our ribbons, voluminous and perfectly tied, but when the holidays swing around, we refine them with a velvet touch and elegant gold detail. Only the best, for the best.

And last but not least, our basket bases. From mirrored bases for our Faux Flower collectionKeepsake Birch wooden crates used in our gourmet food baskets, as well as our showstopper white wooden sleighs, there is no detail left untouched with Baskits - and that's a promise!