A Spotlight on Sophistication

A Spotlight on Sophistication

2021 Nov 26th

Happy Friday everyone - Try to contain your excitement, as the weekend is fast approaching!

We wanted to thank you for stopping by and giving our blog a little read. We love sharing stories with you all, and especially placing spotlights on our favourite products, because we love spilling the insider scoop. This past Wednesday we wowed you all with our Baskits Brands, but we left one to your imagination.

So, today, we wanted to gift you with a special spotlight on our newest brand, and introduce you all to our finest, Empress & Co. line. A luxury gifting brand that epitomizes the delivery of world-class products with world-class service.

An Empress is an uncommon figure in history. She is a ruler - not of a city, state or even country - but of an empire! The concept of an Empress suggests sophistication, elegance, empathy, femininity, wisdom, compassion, courage and grace. Someone who radiates these traits and inspires us by her character and example. Combining these traits, this brand elevates what 'simply the best' really means.

From cashmere to candles, to luxe robes and premium additions to any kitchen, Empress provides you with a variety of gift ideas for the person who truly has it all. With products that make a house a home, you can never go wrong.

This entire line sets the mood when you purchase them together. Gift the gift of a cozy night in, with a set of cashmere socks and a luxe bathrobe to match, and throw in some Empress & Co. candles with the sweetest aromas. And, to top it off, add our beautiful acacia wood, cutting board that doubles as a charcuterie board for all your snacks at arms reach. Truly defining the perfect night in!

There is no better and simpler way to give the gift of a cozy night in, to your favourite and most deserving friends and family, then with a gift - or gifts - from Empress & Co.