A Poppin' Celebration

A Poppin' Celebration

2021 Dec 17th

Let's celebrate this week's Friday Feature, the only way we know how - with our very own, celebratory gift box! Because who doesn't love to celebrate with champagne?! With the new year right around the corner — it's time to get poppin'! And it's no party unless we're all in it together - so this December give the gift of bubbly. There's enough to go around for everyone with our Celebration with Champagne gift box! 

There's something to be said about the gifts that we give, the ones we wish we could keep for ourselves. When they're that good to look at, you know they're even better to actually enjoy. A perk of gifting anything with alcohol in it, is that when you bring it to the parties you attend, there is a high chance the basket will be opened, and the bottle will be popped! Meaning you finally get to enjoy the gift you spent all that money on, too!

The perfect gift box for ANY occasion. Whether you know someone who just got into med school, someone celebrating a birthday, or if you are in dire need of a gift for the host of your NYE party, this box says celebration, literally. This elegant collection is comprised of the finest brie cheese, crackers, truffles, and an assortment of nuts. Oh, and of course, a 200 mL bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne.

Ontario - we want you to be able to celebrate all of life's milestones in the sweetest way. And even if there isn't a dedicated event to celebrate, we're sure you can find one - because we all deserve to celebrate the little moments too.

Celebrate with Champagne, celebrate with friends - celebrate with Baskits