A Hanukkah Feast in Basket Form

A Hanukkah Feast in Basket Form

2021 Nov 24th

Happy Wednesday WOWs everyone - nice to see you all back here for yet another week of story-sharing.

This week we're focusing on everything kosher, because Hanukkah is fast approaching. With this being the celebration and feast of dedication, it is only fitting that we at Baskits give you the gift of a feast in basket form. As we are dedicated to packaging the best, so you can gift the best!

With 4 different sizes available, and each with their own unique bases, your Hanukkah gift selection is endless. With the contents being 100% kosher and 100% gourmet, these baskets make for the perfect gifts for friends, family and colleagues.

And to top it off, this gift combines all your cravings in one bundle - creamy decadence, to crunchy and salty nuts, a variety of Italian Biscotti, AND a collection of popcorn and chips. We can taste the holidays! Our Kosher collection is here to leave you wanting more - because what family feast doesn't?

So this Hanukkah season, gift our Kosher baskets, because it's not a holiday if you're not feasting with the best of treats.