A+ Gifts for Teachers!

A+ Gifts for Teachers!

2019 Jun 18th

In only a couple weeks’ time, school will be ending and summer break will begin! We have put together a small Baskits Gift Guide to help you find the perfect year-end thank you gifts for the wonderful individuals that your children call their teachers.

During the year, teachers work tirelessly and dedicate themselves to the success of our children. From organizing lesson plans to inspiring each and every student to find their passion and approach the world with an open mind, our teachers have one of the most important roles in the lives of our young people, and we would like to help you say, “thank you”.

If you’re looking for a classic teacher gift, we recommend Apple a Day. This fruit box is filled with 16 green and red apples and couldn’t be sweeter! Presented in a hand-crafted Canadian made wooden gift box that will make your child’s teacher swoon, Apple a Day is a healthy way to say “thank you for everything.”

For the teacher with a sweet tooth, the Richmond is a gourmet gift basket that we just know your teacher will love. This food-focused basket contains the most decadent snacks including chocolate truffles, peanut brittle, caramel popcorn and more. With such a variety of treats, any teacher is sure to find a snack that they love!

Workplace Essentials is also a fun gift for the quirky educator. This gift box is all about a good sense of humor and illusions in the workplace. The Ramen Notes are an adorable note pad in the shape of your favourite Ramen Instant Noodles not to mention the Maki Tacks are fun pushpins that appear like the cutest little sushi roll. This entertaining gift basket also comes with a notebook, comb and Thai Chili Chips. Your child will truly standout with this this original and unique gift!

Visit Baskits.com to more great gifts for every teacher! Happy shopping!