A Cure

A Cure

2019 May 21st

It was a long weekend to remember and you can be sure that friends and family are likely suffering the same after-party blues as you are. We’ve all been there, and know that there’s no better gift than a cure for the big ole hangover that will follow the festivities.

The perfect gift for your party animal hosts, or for friends that have joined you on an epic long weekend of fun, our Hangover Helper gift basket features the necessities to fight that pesky headache and have them feeling right as rain for their week back to work.

Hangover Helper includes remedy essentials like Advil tablets, Hangover Helper Tea, Newfoundland Chocolate Co.’s Milk Chocolate, Muskoka Roastery Coffee, the appropriately named Hangover Drops from Simpkns and much more – a gift that will surely give back!

Let Baskits deliver your thanks and appreciation with a gift of “I’ve got your back.”

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