A Bespoke Touch & Corporate Gifting

A Bespoke Touch & Corporate Gifting

2019 Jul 31st

Employee recognition, client appreciation and business development are all fantastic ways to use gifting within your corporation. At Baskits, we offer branding options that allow you to add a bespoke touch to your gifts that will surprise and delight your employees, prospects and clients. 

Our gift specialists are always ready and available to work with you to find the best gift ideas and help manage ongoing incentives and programs to fit any budget. From personalized containers to logo printed ribbons and cards, your thoughtful gifts will be an extension of the brand you have worked hard to build!

One of our most popular branding options is logo branded ribbon. Available in a myriad of colors, you can reinforce your brand and elevate your already beautiful gifts for a one time set up fee of $250 (regardless of volume). Baskits then has your branding ready and available to you for all gifts purchased through our services. 

If you wish to learn more about logo and corporate branding options, our sales team can be reached directly at largeorders@baskits.com. Our gift specialist are waiting to assist!

Happy gifting!