Only Santa delivers more gifts in North America!

Only Santa delivers more gifts in North America!

2019 Oct 30th

Baskits prides ourselves on being experts at delivering both quantity and quality. Ensuring your gifts arrive beautifully and on time is our number one priority!

Whether you require 1 or 1,000 gifts, the team at Baskits will ensure that you are gifting the very best, regardless of volume!

Mary Macleod's Cookie Jar are Santa's favourite cookies and they're back! This decorative glass cookie jar is filled to the brim with an assortment of Mary Macleod’s famous, hand-made shortbread cookies. A festive favorite and true must-have for the holidays. This gift is also available in a 9" Round.

Just like Santa's main mode of transportation, Sleigh is a chic and elegant holiday show-stopper featuring a beautifully crafted wooden sleigh filled with the most decadent gourmet goodies. From Whittaker’s Almond Gold Chocolate to Fraktals’ Chocolate Buttercrunch, this gift is sure to make the festive season even more merry and bright.