Great Gifts for Get Well Wishes

Great Gifts for Get Well Wishes

2020 Jan 16th

It’s that time of year where coughs, sneezes and sniffles can take over entire offices and households; and while we may not have the remedies or cures, we do have the perfect gifts that are sure to brighten anyone’s day and have them on their way to recovery.

A great selection for those who could use a little extra TLC when feeling under the weather is our rightfully named Get Well gift box. Including delicious Matzo Ball soup, pick-me-up activity gifts, a keepsake mug and more, this thoughtful collection is sure to keep your recipient entertained and feeling cared for during their time of recovery and rest.

We all know that sometimes, all we need is an evening to relax with a warm cup of tea and our favorite binge-worthy show or book to set us back on track. Just Tea and Me, available in both small and medium sizes features Australia's own Cuppa and Co. and their organic “Belly Blend” loose leaf tea, Canadian tea-time sweets like Mint Biscotti chocolate, Drizzler’s Raw Honey, Mary Macleod’s handmade, all-butter shortbread and more – perfect for a cozy night in.

Does someone you know need a little “get well” wish for some self-inflicted hangover woes? Let your party goer know you’ve got their back with Hangover Helper, a gift that’s is perfect for soothing aftermath from the night before with the miracle gift of Fiji Water, Advil Tablets, Clamato Juice, Hangover Helper Tea and more.

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Happy Gifting!