The Easiest Holiday Gift for your Cookie Lovers

The Easiest Holiday Gift for your Cookie Lovers

2019 Nov 7th

If your holiday recipients are anything like us, they love a good cookie! Luckily, we have the BEST cookies that have been holiday must-haves for years and one of our sweetest gifts of the season.

Mary Macleod’s Shortbread was founded in 1981 when Mary (yes Mary is a real lady) began baking her signature Chocolate Crunch shortbread from a small shop under the marquee of the Capitol Theatre in Toronto using a generations-old Scottish family recipe. At the heart of the cookie’s renowned quality and passionate customer loyalty is Mary’s unwavering belief that high-quality shortbread must be handmade in small batches from only the best ingredients possible. Our favourites include Chocolate Crunch, Dutch Chocolate, Hazelnut Crunch, and Espresso Chocolate!

Mary Macleod's famous melt in your mouth shortbread cookies are a classic gift to give and receive, not only during the holiday season, but all year round.

You can find Mary’s must-have shortbread in many of the gift baskets in our gourmet food collection and on their own in a beautiful keepsake cookie jar or acetate round