Ultimate Gifts for gifting and gifts you'll want to add to your wish list!

Ultimate Gifts for gifting and gifts you'll want to add to your wish list!

2022 Dec 2nd

With the holidays almost upon us, we wanted to take a moment to step back, and reflect on the ultimate celebration: gifting for yourselves. It's been a long and at times, trying, year for all of us, and so it is important that we remember we deserve a gift —or gifts, too! So, let’s raise a toast to ourselves, and say 'to me, from me', Baskits style! While gifting for others, we've got some great gifts you'll want to include on your wish list too! Call your children, siblings, significant others, parents and friends, and let them know exactly what to include on their list for you this year.

Luxurious Gift Ideas

Empress & Co. Silver Mohair Candle Gift Basket (15212)

Add one of our Empress & Co. scented candles to your stocking to warm your heart and brighten any room! Our scented candles include scents such as Silver Mohair, and Orange Flower & Ylang that are long-lasting!

Empress & Co. 100% Cashmere Socks Gift Basket (CashmereBedSocks)

Treat yourself, and your toes to our most comfy 100% cashmere socks! Our Empress & Co. brand socks will keep you warm this holiday season. Our 100% cashmere socks are designed in Canada and handmade in Mongolia – only the finest for our customers! Purchase as a stocking stuffer or available in our Simply the Best gift box set too!

Embroidered Blanket (Adult) (R12922)   Luxe Bathrobe Adult L (R12722)

Wrap yourself in luxury with our Empress & Co. Personalized Blanket or Personalized Luxe Bathrobe! This stunning full size 100% cotton cable knit blanket is available in creamy white and will keep you warm and cozy from head to toe. Or embrace yourself in our 100% cotton luxurious and softest bathrobe. Embroidery available for these wonderful gifts to give it that extra special touch!

Faux Flowers Gift Ideas

If you love flowers and want to have them in your home all year round, our Faux flower collection makes a great gift! Gorgeous florals that look so realistic, you’ll want to water them! Maintenance free and always looks beautiful, our collection is hand designed making them an elegant gift.

Rosa (Faux Flowers) Gift Basket (S31021)

Our faux arrangement, Rosa, is a striking Tamora rose in dual stages of bloom and the true essence of all things strong, bold and beautiful. Arriving in a beautiful gold vase, Rosa is a great gift to brighten your space in your home or office.

Coco (Faux Flowers) (S31322)

Style is what our faux floral arrangement, Coco, is all about. This triple-stem fuchsia Phalaenopsis Orchid in full bloom is as chic as they come and a perfect gift to get for yourself to decorate your space.

Marilyn (Faux Flowers) (S31622)

Prepare to be blown away with our faux floral arrangement, Marilyn. This arrangement of long-stemmed Tamara Roses will steal the spotlight in any room and makes a beautiful gift to get for yourself.

Gift Ideas for Chocolate Lovers

Heavenly Bites M Gift Basket (G77622)

While you are browsing through our collections to buy your holiday gifts, why not treat yourself to a box of our decadent Heavenly Bites! This beautiful gift includes an assortment of the most delicious milk and dark chocolates. Perfectly rich and creamy, these are sure to satisfy all your cravings

Dabble & Drizzle

And if you're in the mood to break loose and satisfy those chocolate cravings then gift yourself delicious chocolate treats from our Dabble & Drizzle brand! From our mouth-watering Cafe Latte almonds, Milk Chocolate Cashews, or our signature chocolate covered biscuits! Indulge in the highest quality of treats!

Sweet Treats Tray (G81122)

No matter the age, our Sweet Treats Tray gift box is packed full of classic candies and chocolates that are sure to delight! We've carefully selected all the favourites, including Reese's Pieces, Hershey's Cookies and Cream, Twix and more. The perfect gift box if you have a major sweet tooth!

Slice of Canada - Loonie x12 Gift Basket (Lx12)

What better gift than a giant Canadian Loonie?! Made of pure milk chocolate and in the likeness of the Canadian $1 coin, our Slice of Canada Loonies make great stocking stuffers! These vibrant chocolate coins is a great gift to add in anyone stockings to add the element of surprise!

Savoury Gift Ideas

Rise and shine to the sweet smell of breakfast with this lovely trio of Canadian-made products! Our Canadian Breakfast gift basket includes 100% Canadian maple syrup, pancake mix, and Toronto’s own Hatch coffee – everything you need to make yourself the most delicious breakfast.

Crackle & Pop Sea Salt Chips (150g) Gift Basket (SSC150G)

Elevate your taste buds and add our Crackle & Pop chips to your stocking! Made from the finest farm-grown potatoes, top quality ingredients and the richest of flavours, our chips are sure to please! Choose between Sea Salt, Thai Chili, or BBQ to enrich your taste buds.

So, whether you're finding the perfect gift for people on your list, sending a list of ideas for others to gift you, or finding a gift to give yourself, there really is no time like the present (pun-intended), to indulge yourself. Send the gifts you want to receive! Make it an extra special holiday with gift baskets, galore. Trust us, you deserve it. And, we're here to make sure the golden standard of gifting is reserved for you this holiday season. The best Christmas gift baskets and Holiday gift baskets Delivered Across Canada & USA.

Gifting is our specialty, so let us share our gift with YOU - and your favourite people!